Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram (If It’s Not Already)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Instagram, and there’s a good chance that you’ll have a personal account. But what about your workplace - are they using Instagram to connect with people?
why use Instagram
Why Use InstagraM?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard of Instagram, and there’s a good chance that you’ll have a personal account. But what about your workplace – are they using Instagram to connect with people? If the answer is no, it’s good to question why. Does your business believe that Instagram won’t have much reach for them, or that it will be a waste of time for the marketing team? Does your company use social media in general? 

Regardless of why your business has a reluctance to join Instagram, in just about every case, it’s worth setting up an account. While the audience is typically younger, as with Facebook, that’s slowly shifting, as more and more people join Instagram. According to Statista, there are approximately one billion monthly active users, and over 500 million users are on the platform on a daily basis. That’s not an audience size you want to miss out on. 

So, other than the amount of users, why should your business be using Instagram? We’ve outlined five great reasons to join Instagram below!

1. Make Your Business Relatable

Instagram (often referred to as just Insta, or the Gram) is a fantastic place to show your audience that you’re not just a faceless institution, and have a human side. There are countless ways to go about this, but perhaps the most common way businesses make an impression is through stories and live posts. 

Stories can be used to show your audience some behind-the-scenes content – let them meet your team, and see your office space. We all have a reference point for this sort of content, so we can relate to it easily. In terms of live posts, the idea here is to build a rapport with your followers, as well as a level of trust. If they see the human side of your business, they may be more trusting of your brand.

Both of these Insta tools furthermore offer the chance to get creative! Your marketing team can come up with tons of innovative ideas to get the company noticed, engage with your audience, and gain more followers. Demonstrate the personality of your brand, and vary your content, from interactive videos to competitions.


2. Instagram is a Great Tool For Businesses of Any Size

With a lot of marketing methods, the size of your business, along with how much money you can afford to invest, makes a big difference to the effectiveness of the strategy. But with social media sites like Instagram, whether your company is a huge internationally recognised organisation or a tiny limited company, you can still get a lot of reach. 

You obviously can’t expect to see success overnight, but Instagram is a fantastic platform to gain a large following relatively quickly. As long as you maintain an active presence on Insta, preferably posting something at least once a day, you can both raise your company’s brand awareness, and connect with your target audience. There are a number of examples of businesses thriving on Instagram, but some of the most prominent ones are Netflix and Coca-Cola.

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3. Boost Your ROI

Did you know that you can make money directly from Instagram? You may be aware that influencers are often sent free stuff from the organisations they’re sponsoring, but as a business, you can also make on-platform sales. The Shop tab was introduced fairly recently, which can be found, displayed prominently, on Insta’s home dock. This allows users to purchase products directly from brands on Instagram.

There is also the option to use shoppable posts on Insta, which allow companies to add tags to their posts that include a link to their online store, as well as a product description and price. Research from DMR indicates that a whopping 72% of Instagram users have bought products via the platform at least once – clearly, the Gram is a great tool for businesses! 

4. There are Easy Ways to Extend Your Reach

 Perhaps the most obvious way to extend your reach on Instagram is by using influencers. Influencers are essentially people who have a large following to whom they’ll recommend certain brands and products. As an influencer’s audience places trust in their opinions, using an influencer can significantly increase your sales. They can also help you reach demographics you may not have been able to reach previously. 
Another simple way to connect with your target audience is through hashtags. By using hashtags, you can make your business stand out, and reach people already interested in your industry or products. We previously mentioned that Coca-Cola has a great Insta strategy, which can be seen in their hashtags. Coca-Cola coined the hashtag #ShareaCoke, which ensured that the brand saw a huge rise in popularity, and made them even more recognisable. 

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5. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

If you’re not on Instagram, how will you know how your competitors are utilising social media? You can see how they interact with their followers, such as the regularity of their posts and the content of these posts. The latter includes the images and videos themselves, as well as the text and hashtags that accompany them.

You can also use your competitor research to shape your own Instagram strategy. While you don’t want to copy others in your industry, you can take inspiration from their more successful campaigns, and tailor them for your own business. The key thing with any social media strategy is to keep experimenting, and carefully document your results. That way, you can use this data to inform your next strategy.