5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider Using Animation

When it comes to using video, you’ve probably already realised how essential such a medium is, and may have already incorporated it into your marketing strategy.
why use animation

Why Use Animation? 

When it comes to using video, you’ve probably already realised how essential such a medium is, and may have already incorporated it into your marketing strategy. According to Smart Insights, 92% of marketers agree that video marketing is becoming more important, and 53% of customers feel more engaged with a brand after watching one of their videos on social media. Clearly, video marketing is a great way to engage your audience.

So hopefully you’re using video, but what about animation? Generally, this is a more costly option, as you can’t simply film something and then publish it. You need to hire at least a few animators, and if you want a high quality video, this won’t be cheap. Hours of work go into just a few minutes of animation. This is particularly true of stop-motion animation – did you know that it could take days to film four seconds of Wallace and Gromit? That’s not to say the time wasn’t worth it – it’s just a huge endeavour!

If you’re considering using animation in your marketing, stop-motion or otherwise, we’ve listed the top five benefits below!

1. You Can Make a Lasting Impression

When you get creative with your marketing content, you’re much more likely to leave a lasting impression on your audience. Not to mention gain more of a following! While live video is a great thing to include on your website and social media channels, it’s a pretty common medium. Animation is not used regularly, and therefore tends to stand out. One company that demonstrated this is John Lewis. John Lewis are of course most famous for their Christmas adverts, and some of the most memorable are their animated videos. 

When it comes to the message you’re conveying, you can give your customers a clear insight into your organisation, such as what you stand for, and your company values. But the key thing is to be memorable. Even if people don’t need your services now, they might do in the future, and you want them to think of your brand.

make a lasting impression
2. Boost Your Conversion Rate

If you include video on your website, there is less likelihood that people will leave the page – they’ll watch the video, and are at least twice as likely to complete an action. This could be making a purchase, completing an online form, subscribing to your newsletters, or simply sharing the video. 

While copy is great for SEO – you need to include keywords for search engines like Google to direct users to your site – your audience will probably respond better to video. A lot of people won’t read to the end of a guide or article, but will watch a video in its entirety, as it will take less time overall. So if your call-to-action is at the end of your content, as is often the case, video is the way to go.   

3. Bring in an Element of Fun to Your Brand

Another advantage of animated content is the fact that it’s entertaining! When it comes to animated films, especially those created by Disney and Dreamworks, the content isn’t just aimed at children. Adults love many of these films too, as they are fun and imaginative. The same can be said of animated marketing content – it can be playful and fun, and thus appeal to your audience. And as animation is generally associated with entertainment, people are more likely to pay attention to it than traditional live ads.

With animation, the possibilities are endless. There are no real limitations, other than your budget, and any time constraints you have! There’s no need to confine yourself to realism or accuracy – animation can simply be creative, showing off your brand’s personality.

animation is easy to understand

4. Animation is Easy to Understand 

If you’re trying to convey a complex idea, the technical aspects of a product, or how something works, animation can be a fantastic medium. Explaining something like the inner workings of a vacuum cleaner would be tricky to do using text alone, but with video, you can easily get the relevant information across. People engage better with video generally, and tend to absorb things more quickly. Not to mention the fact that people like the immediacy of video, when compared to reading text. 

In terms of animation over live video, some things are simpler to understand when animated. For instance, the company Headspace, which specialises in meditation and dealing with mental health issues, uses a lot of animation across their various platforms. This medium can better portray more abstract concepts, like people’s thoughts and feelings.

5. Making Edits is Simple

If you need to make a few edits to a live video – perhaps the offer has changed, or you’re bringing out an updated model – it could mean having to reshoot the whole thing. But with an animated video, you can easily change the visuals, or even adapt your content to appeal to a new audience. And generally speaking, making edits rather than reshooting is much cheaper.

Overall, animation is a great way to connect with your audience, in a fun and engaging way. You can connect with more people and boost your conversions – the only downside is the initial investment. But as long as you plan it right, and put effective strategies into place, you’ll make your money back and more!