5 Ways to Promote Your Content

Sometimes it doesn't matter how great your content is - if you don’t promote it, it’s unlikely to get noticed.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how great your content is – if you don’t promote it, it’s unlikely to get noticed. And if you’ve spent hours working on something, this is both frustrating and tragic!

So if you’ve created an outstanding blog post or other piece of content, don’t just hope for the best, letting your work get lost somewhere in the depths of the internet. Instead, turn it into a valuable asset – by promoting your article and increasing its reach, you can potentially attract more traffic to your main site.

We’ve listed five great ways to promote your content below, so that you can impress as many people as possible with your fantastic articles and blog posts!

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1. Use Social Media

Social media is a fantastic platform from which to promote your content, especially if you have a lot of followers. While you will probably need to opt for sponsored or paid content, as few people get any traction organically, if your article is something people are likely to share, you can get a lot of reach with social media.

You will need to consider which platforms to use though – some posts are better suited to certain platforms than others. Blogs and articles don’t always get a lot of attention on image based platforms like Instagram, for example, though it will depend on the topic.

If you’ve produced a lot of content over the years, if you stumble across one that you’re particularly proud of, and it’s still relevant, there’s nothing stopping you from posting it on social media again. You could even do a whole series of blogs ‘from the archive’ – just give the articles a few tweaks to keep them fresh, and you’re good to go!

2. Guest Post

If your content is exciting and innovative, other publications may be interested in posting it on their site. Find other publications that have a similar audience to you, and you could be able to reach a whole new pool of readers.

Guest posting comes with a few other benefits too – if the organisation you’ve teamed up with is active on social media, they may promote your article across those platforms in addition to their site, and there is also the possibility of backlinks.

Backlinks can help build your domain authority – essentially, if trusted sites are linking to your webpages, search engines will rank your pages more highly. Because if other websites believe your content to be valuable enough to direct others there, it must be relevant for people searching for information on that topic.

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3. Make Sure It’s Visible

When it comes to promoting your articles, you need to ensure that your blog is easily visible and accessible. If you need to click through loads of pages to reach the blog, or if there is only a link in the footer, you’re not setting yourself up for the best chance of success.

Blogs can be great for building relationships with your readers – if they’re interested in the industry you’re working in, they may look through several of your articles and stay on your page for longer. And if you’re providing useful information, these people are more likely to trust your brand, and may convert later down the line.

So make sure your blog is featured in the main navigation of your website, or at least somewhere prominent. For example, a rotating carousel could look effective on your homepage, displaying your latest blog posts.

4. Email Newsletters

Are you sending subscribers email newsletters, to keep them updated with any promotions or campaigns you’re running? Email marketing is an incredibly cost effective way to reach your audience and drive traffic, so why not include your article in your next newsletter!

The blog post doesn’t have to be the sole topic of the email of course – you may have a section detailing your latest company news where it could be included, or a section dedicated to your blog content.

Regardless of where the article is featured in your newsletter, email can reach large audiences, and the success can be easily tracked. Simply include a tracking link to the blog page, and you’ll be able to gauge the click through rate as well as the email open rate.


5. downloadable content

In order to make your content into a downloadable white-paper, it will need to be fairly lengthy, and it’s also advisable to include lots of imagery and infographics where possible. The information provided should be useful too – people often download content in order to reference it later.

Making your content downloadable not only makes the article seem more valuable, it’s also a good way to capture data and convert visitors into leads. If people are invested enough to download the content, they may also be happy to receive other marketing materials from your business, and subscribe to your newsletter.

Maximise Your Reach

Overall, it’s important to promote your content as much as possible, over a variety of platforms. You may not be fully equipped to try all of the methods above, but even experimenting with a couple could double your reach.

And if you’re looking for help writing or distributing content for your organisation, The Pineapple Agency can offer our expertise! Get in touch with us today to find out more.