Our Team

The Pineapple Agency is a small but mighty group of individuals, each bringing their own complementary skill sets to the table. We’re constantly striving to learn new things, and try to always look to the future.
Dan W TPA (2)
Dan Ware
Chief Executive Officer

Dan started his career in marketing almost twenty years ago, straight out of university. He initially worked in a creative and design capacity, before moving into B2C and B2B PR and marketing. He then turned his focus to communications and statistical analysis and strategic marketing. 

Prior to founding The Pineapple Agency, Dan has worked across numerous brands, which include Sacla, Anthony Nolan, Havana Club Rum, The Richmond Group and TablePouncer.

Ramzi Almasri
Chief Financial Officer

Although Ramzi works as The Pineapple Agency’s CFO, as he is a Big4 and Top10 trained Chartered Accountant, he is also an integral part of the strategic operation of the company. 

Ramzi has a strong technical audit and accounting background, as well as experience in performance improvement consultancy, so is well placed to analyse projects and find solutions to any issues that may arise.

Ramzi TPA (2)
Matt TPA (2)
Matt Baker
Chief Technology Officer

Matt has spent around ten years working as a software developer, though has worked as a technology professional for several years more. Throughout his career Matt has developed bespoke software solutions with a focus on automation, user journeys and reporting.

For The Pineapple Agency, Matt’s primary focuses are technical SEO and web development. This includes looking at things like overall site health, and core web vitals.

Projects & Compliance Manager

Amy has worked across a variety of roles, primarily within the financial services sector, designing and maintaining processes and procedures, whilst ensuring all the appropriate guidelines and regulations are followed.

Amy has phenomenal organisational skills, a detail oriented mind and a deep rooted drive for achieving excellence in all that she does. These qualities come across in every facet of the role she performs for The Pineapple Agency, overseeing projects and compliance.

Amy TPA (2)
Hannah TPA
Content Manager

Hannah has a wealth of experience in creating engaging content for audiences of all sizes. Throughout her time with The Pineapple Agency, she has worked on a variety of projects, with a strong focus on writing for SEO.

With a background in creative entrepreneurship, she has expertise in marketing across multiple channels, from social media platforms to direct marketing methods like SMS and email.

Dan Hobbs
Head of Research and Development

Daniel’s background is in auditing, so he is brilliant at thoroughly researching any aspect of business operations and finding ways in which the company can improve. He furthermore uses his experience and expertise to devise sustainable solutions to these challenges.

Daniel’s dedication and focus means he consistently drives teams to achieve the highest standards of quality, never settling for less than perfection in himself or others. 

Dan H TPA (2)
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