5 Ways to Get More Newsletter Subscribers

A lot of sites these days have a pop-up form encouraging visitors to sign up to their newsletter.

A lot of sites these days have a pop-up form encouraging visitors to sign up to their newsletter. While these can be a little annoying if you’re just fleetingly visiting a website, as they block your progress until you perform an action, pop-ups can be a great way to get people to submit their email addresses and sign up to newsletters.

The big question is whether the advantages outweigh the drawbacks – is building up an email list worth irritating your visitors with a pop-up? Unfortunately there is no simple answer. While these messages can be irksome, they do actually work, but only because statistically, the larger the audience you put this annoying pop-up in front of, the more subscribers you’ll get. It’s certainly not a decision to take lightly.

So are there any less aggressive ways to increase your newsletter subscriber list? Including a pop-up may get you subscribers faster, but there are more subtle ways to go about this, allowing you to steadily attract subscribers over time. We’ve listed five great techniques below!

Newsletter Subscribers
1. Focus on Value

Even if your sign-up form is absolutely stunning, if the service you’re offering in return for visitors giving you their email addresses isn’t of a high standard, you won’t get the desired conversions anyway.

So it’s essential to focus on the value of your content – what sort of information is your target audience looking for? Subscribers don’t want to receive what is essentially spam when they sign up to your newsletter, so make sure you’re delivering quality content every time.

You can even experiment with your newsletters, to see what sort of copy works well and which offers garner the most interest. Play around with the overall design, the content and the imagery, to determine exactly what your audience wants from your newsletter.

2. Calls to Action

Your email subscription form doesn’t have to be an irritating pop-up – you can instead weave it more naturally into your site. 

After delivering readers the information they’re looking for, you can include a call to action at the bottom of the page, encouraging these visitors to sign up to your newsletter.

Whether it’s through a sign-up link in the footer of your website, or a line of text at the bottom of each blog post you write, offering more useful information for free can be a fantastic way to increase your newsletter subscription numbers.

Calls to action are essential – customers probably won’t perform the required action without them!

3. Use Social Media

If you already have a large social media following, why not use that to your advantage? These days, people constantly check their social media feeds, and are actively engaged with the platform. 

So by simply including a link to your sign-up page at the bottom of your posts, you could add a lot of subscribers to your list.

Social media can be an excellent way to reach your target demographic in general, and is a place to show more of your personality. 

If you’re more open and friendly on social platforms, and this appeals more to your audience, you can make it clear that they can expect the same from your newsletters.

…Your email subscription form doesn’t have to be an irritating pop-up - you can instead weave it more naturally into your site


Converting new customers is always more difficult than converting existing customers, and the same principle applies to newsletter sign-ups. It’s much easier to convince someone who has used your service, and is happy with their experience to subscribe to future offers via your newsletter than a cold lead.

With a thank you page, you’ll be reaching out to people at the high point of their customer journey, so they may be more receptive to subscribing to your newsletter. And if you include an irresistible offer, such as a significant discount on their next purchase should they sign up to mailings, you’re bound to attract a lot of interest.


There is a solid argument for asking for at least the subscriber’s first name along with their email address when they sign up for your newsletter. That way you can personalise your content, addressing each individual by name.

But if you want to build your list of subscribers relatively quickly, you don’t want to ask for more details than necessary. 

By just asking for someone’s email address, your form will only take a few seconds to complete, which should hopefully encourage more people to opt in.

 Slow and Steady

Including a pop-up on your site may result in some people opting-in, but it can also alienate the vast majority of others. If you want to build up a valuable list of subscribers, it’s better to take the longer route, and use less aggressive sign-up methods.

One of the best things you can do is consider what convinced you to sign up to any newsletters you receive. Was the content particularly quirky, or did the imagery stand out? Perhaps you’d already made a purchase, and were pleased with the service you’d received.

It’s also good practice to review your strategy regularly, to see where you can make improvements. Even if you need to go back to basics, and essentially start from scratch, it’s better to have a solid foundation which will attract more customers than spending countless hours fruitlessly trying to get people to sign up to your newsletter.

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