3 Reasons You Should Use National Days in Your Digital Marketing Calendar

Using national holiday and event days in a marketing strategy isn’t a new idea. Few businesses don’t centre at least one campaign around Christmas, for instance.
national holiday and event days
Using National Days in Your Marketing Calendar

Using national holiday and event days in a marketing strategy isn’t a new idea. Few businesses don’t centre at least one campaign around Christmas, for instance. But what about the lesser known national days? Do you know when Recycling Week starts, or the date of World Bee Day? There is certainly no shortage of such days to choose from – if you try hard enough, you can celebrate something almost every day of the year.

Of course, if your business is fairly corporate, there may be some days that wouldn’t really be on brand to celebrate. Some of them are a little silly! Or perhaps specific days would go against your company ethos – a vegan restaurant probably wouldn’t celebrate British Beef Week in April. But with so many niche days to talk about, you can be as discerning as you like.

A lot of marketers know that celebrating national and international days encourages engagement. You’ll often see higher click through and open rates if you tell your audience about National Love Your Pet Day or International Women’s Day. But what other benefits are there? We’ve explored the top three advantages below! 

1. Make it Personal

People like to engage with their favourite brands, whether it’s interacting with them on social media or asking direct questions via a contact page. And they don’t want to speak to a faceless corporation – you need to show that you’re human. That’s why many brands are less formal on platforms like social media, as it gives them a chance to get to know their followers.

Celebrating national days can help you connect with your audience, which builds trust. This in turn can lead to customers becoming brand ambassadors, promoting your products and services. And in time, you could see an increase in traffic and sales. There’s really no downside to engaging with your audience!

make it personal
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2. Keeping it Relevant

Another benefit of using national days is that you can show that you’re keeping up with trends, and knowledgeable about what’s going on in the world! You’re demonstrating that your brand is active, and may even be able to teach your followers about things relating to the national days. For instance, for World Chocolate Day (7 July), did you know that the smell of chocolate increases the theta waves in your brain, which triggers relaxation? Or that in 2013, Belgium ran a limited edition of chocolate flavoured stamps?

3. Spread the Word

When you promote days and topics that you don’t usually talk about, you can reach a larger audience. People follow all sorts of tags on Instagram and Twitter, so you may be able to engage with demographics you wouldn’t normally interact with. And if they like your content, even if it’s not primarily about things like chocolate, they may still consider your services should they be in the market for the products you’re offering.

Using National Days in Your Marketing Calendar

When it comes to choosing which national days your business should be celebrating, you’ll have to be fairly selective. If you try to promote them all, not only would you spam your audience, you simply wouldn’t have time for anything else! So which ones should you opt for? It’s mostly just about choosing days that make sense for your business, but there are a couple of other things to keep in mind:

  • Try to ensure that the day reflects the personality of your company, or links to it directly
  • Aim for days that are an interesting conversation starter – as long as this isn’t because they’re controversial 
  • Avoid any days that would clash or interrupt a campaign you’re already running 

It’s also important to plan ahead. These national days don’t tend to move around too much (though some, like Easter, depend on things like the spring equinox) so you should have plenty of time to create a fantastic campaign, with loads of engaging content. 


Across Your Platforms

The key with most marketing campaigns is to use a variety of techniques and platforms. Essentially, don’t put all your eggs in one basket! You’ll get the best results if you combine a lot of different strategies. The same is true for celebrating national days – you’ll almost certainly promote them on social media, but don’t just rely on this. You may also wish to consider things like hosting an event, or using paid advertising.

Another way to boost engagement is to run a competition. Including a national day can not only improve the relevancy of your campaign, it can also make them more popular, getting your brand out there. You can theme the whole competition around the day, from the designs to the prize, or simply relate it to your business. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you shout about it!