Meet the Team – Matt Baker

Hello, I’m Matt, one of the project leads at The Pineapple Agency, as well as the Chief Technology Officer.

MEet Matt Baker – Project Lead & Chief Technology Officer

Hello, I’m Matt, one of the project leads at The Pineapple Agency, as well as the Chief Technology Officer. That basically means that I enjoy both chatting with people and holing myself up to work on software development… I do anything from software development and infrastructure management to web design and SEO for our multiple businesses.

’m happily married, with a wife and two children – I have a boy aged seven and girl aged five. I originally came to Bournemouth in 2004 for University, where I studied Internet Communications Systems with a dissertation in Biometrics at the Point of Sale. Which is far more thrilling than it sounds, as all my colleagues can attest to. 

I’ve been working as a technology professional for approximately fourteen years, and have been employed by a number of different organisations, including HP, DataTrack and DJS (UK) Limited. Over the years, I feel I have not only learnt a lot about my chosen field, I have also picked up facts (maybe more than I’d like) in other areas, which is one of the great things about working in a sector that is applicable in so many different industries.

Chief Technology Officer
Chief Technology Officer Matt

Outside of work, I spend most of my spare time at the moment renovating my new house and the wilderness of a garden. Not that a little bit of untamed nature in all her glory is a bad thing – we simply don’t want to lose the children in amongst the long grass. 

I also enjoy going on adventures with the kids to Avonheath Country Park, National Trust sites, and dropping into a cafe or two for a cheeky flat white and cake. When it comes to food, a lot of people find it odd that I’ve never ordered a deliveroo, but I stand by the fact that I think it’s quicker to get it in the car than wait for a cyclist to bring me a cold meal!

I furthermore support my wife’s business offering botox anti-wrinkle injections – something that had caused undue speculation at work. Do I naturally look this good for my age? I’ll never tell.