Meet the Team – Dan Ware

Hey! My name is Dan and I'm the CEO of The Pineapple Agency.

MEet Dan Ware – CEO

Hey! My name is Dan and I’m the CEO of The Pineapple Agency. I look after the holistic strategy for The Agency and also client onboarding. I like to chat digital, which is why I like to meet all of our clients and understand their requirements when they come on board with us.

I’ve been working in and around digital marketing for the past 18 years. On the client and agency side, for B2C and B2B. SEO and PPC are my specialties, having run lots of interesting projects in some competitive industries with great success.

Having been on both sides of the coin, I like to work collaboratively and run all projects with a focus on communication and delivering a positive ROI.

I love to keep myself busy and try and cram as much as possible into my waking hours. Having three sons, our house is always crazy to say the least. I tend to rise at 4:30am so I can run and cycle before having breakfast with my boys. Music is also a big part of my life, so I try to harness my inner David Guetta with a bit of amateur DJing. 

Work is a huge part of my life, and I’m very fortunate to love what I do. There is a big variety to my working life, splitting my time across all the businesses within the Big Pineapple Group. But my focus and skillset has always been conducive to marketing.

Below you can find a photo of my dog Jellybean – he did solely belong my wife at first, but he managed to creep his way into everyone’s heart, and now I couldn’t live without him!

The Pineapple Agency CEO
pug dog