Is It Time To Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

The world of marketing has certainly expanded in recent years, and just focusing on your marketing strategy in your free time isn’t really an option anymore. It’s a full time job, with a whole host of facets.
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Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing?

The world of marketing has certainly expanded in recent years, and just focusing on your marketing strategy in your free time isn’t really an option anymore. It’s a full time job, with a whole host of facets. Digital marketing is also constantly evolving, with new tools, software, algorithms and strategies to consider. 

Essentially, even with a full time marketing team, your business may still wish to consider outsourcing at least some elements of your digital marketing. And if you don’t have employees dedicated to marketing, there’s even more reason to think about outsourcing!

Outsourcing vs In-House Hiring

Digital marketing isn’t the only service many businesses choose to outsource. Smaller organisations will often outsource their contact centre, administrative and bookkeeping staff too. Generally because it works out significantly cheaper! With a lot of admin, for instance, this isn’t a full time role, so it’s more economical to outsource these tasks. 

With outsourcing your staff, this also means that geography isn’t an obstacle. If they don’t need to commute into the office, these employees can work remotely from anywhere in the world. So you don’t need to rely on getting local skilled workers. Your contact hours can often be more flexible as well, if your outsourced staff work in different time zones. 

In terms of digital marketing, outsourcing tends to be the most cost effective way of hiring experts. There are so many specialities within online marketing, from social media marketing to SEO, so in order to cover all the areas of expertise, you’d probably need a large marketing team. Which can be expensive. But if you outsource to a marketing agency, you could be paying the equivalent of one salary in return for a team of experts. 

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing

There are a number of reasons why outsourcing can be a great move for your business. As mentioned above, you may wish to consider outsourcing several roles, from your customer service staff to human resources, as it’s generally cheaper. But with online marketing, the main consideration is probably experience and proficiency. If a particular aspect of digital marketing (like PPC or SEO) isn’t your core business focus, it’s nearly impossible to master the subject. So you need experts in their field if you really want your business to see success. 

If your company is considering outsourcing their marketing team, there are various considerations, such as your budget, and how much you want your business to grow. To help you get started, we’ve explored the four main benefits of outsourcing your marketing efforts below:

save Money

One of the best things about outsourcing is that when compared to hiring experts in-house, it’s a fraction of the cost. If you were to hire experts in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, copywriting, technical design, and analytics respectively, you’d be hiring at least six new members of staff. The annual salary of such a team would not be cheap! And even if you just hired a couple of new marketing professionals, this would still set you back at least £50,000 a year. 

When you compare this to the cost of a digital marketing agency – the fees are typically between around £1,000 and £5,000 a month – you will undoubtedly save money by outsourcing. Not to mention the fact that you won’t need to pay for the initial or ongoing training of these team members, such as the latest qualifications or courses. 

Newest Technology and Knowledge

Most digital marketing agencies will have access to high end tools, which are often too expensive to pay for yourself. Such tools can be used to automate repetitive tasks, analyse data, offer strategy tips, or simply mean greater efficiency. With SEO in particular, things like keyword research can be an expensive and time consuming undertaking, but with the right tools, your marketing team can produce fantastic results.

Outsourcing will also mean that your team will have up-to-date knowledge of digital marketing trends. Strategies that have proved to be effective previously may no longer work, especially in terms of search engine optimisation, so digital marketers need to keep on top of the latest trends. This is much easier to do if you specialise in one particular facet of online marketing, rather than try to cover all bases yourself!

Ongoing Optimisation

The best digital marketing agencies will go above and beyond to help your business grow. They’ll want you to have a positive experience, and will often rely on recommendations to gain new clients. This means that they will continually aim to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, and offer ongoing maintenance and optimisation services. 

Fresh New Perspective

Bringing in any additional members of staff can lead to new insights and perspectives. And with a digital marketing agency, which will work with many different types of companies in various industries, you’ll benefit from this experience. An agency will know what strategies have been proven to succeed and fail, and may be able to apply marketing techniques used by other industries to your advantage.

Another advantage of getting new team members is that your internal resources can go back to their primary job role. You can relieve the pressure on these members of staff, who may have felt overwhelmed trying to hit the business marketing targets. Overall, outsourcing means that every employee can focus on their areas of expertise, and are not spread too thinly.