How Important is SEO for My Business?

Is SEO important for every business? Can you get by without it, or is it crucial that you invest in SEO?
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How Important is SEO?

Is SEO important for every business? Can you get by without it, or is it crucial that you invest in SEO? If you’re a smaller business, you may assume that SEO is not something you can really afford to invest in. Whether it’s hiring a marketing professional or working with a digital marketing agency, there will be upfront costs. But the key thing with SEO is that you’ll soon see a return on investment, and will almost certainly be in profit due to increased website traffic and sales.

So what can SEO do for your company? The end goal is almost certainly about growth, from expanding your customer base to growing your business. Therefore if your business is looking to expand, SEO is undoubtedly the best place to start.


The search engine visibility of any business is crucial in terms of making sales. No matter how great your product or service is, if people don’t know it exists, you won’t get very far. Potential customers need to be able to find your business when they’re searching for the type of product or service you offer. 

It’s also important to note that only 25% of internet users go beyond the first page of search results. So to ensure that your rankings and visibility are the best they can be, you need to focus a decent amount of resources on SEO. 


Perhaps the main objective of SEO is to get more traffic coming to your website. Organic search is generally the primary source of a website’s traffic, so your site needs to rank highly in order to compete with other businesses.

Of course, some companies believe that they don’t really need to focus on their website – it’s just there because they think they should have one. But this is a misconception, usually held by organisations whose websites are underperforming! With the right targeted traffic, websites can become your primary source of new customers and revenue. Unless you’re actively trying not to expand (which would be odd for a business), you need SEO to help your company grow in size and profitability. Even just maintaining your positioning in search rankings requires some SEO input!

It may also be worth considering where your current customers come from. If you’re using paid sources like PPC, SEO can actually be more cost effective, even with the costs of hiring an expert. 

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The question you need to ask yourself when it comes to SEO is how many sales you’d need to make it worth the return on your investment. If you think hiring a SEO specialist is too expensive, you need to figure out the results you’d need to see, and over how long, before you break even. This will obviously depend on a whole range of factors, such as the industry you work in and the extent of your previous SEO efforts. Once you’ve calculated these metrics, you can start talking to digital marketing agencies like The Pineapple Agency, to see what services they can offer. 

And in most cases, you can expect to see a return on investment incredibly quickly! Although Google has stated that it will typically take between four months and a year to see significant benefits of your SEO efforts, this doesn’t mean you won’t see a positive ROI before this. It generally won’t take more than a few extra sales a day to cover the cost of hiring a SEO expert.


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Improve Your Visitor Experience

Another benefit of SEO is that you can offer a better customer journey. Search engine optimisation isn’t just about getting on the first page of Google, though that’s certainly one of the goals! You need to create content that appeals to your audience, and provides the information and experience they’re looking for. Google themselves are a great example of this – they’ve perfected their service to ensure that visitors get the quickest and most relevant answer to their query. 

And once you’re delivering a fantastic user experience, this will help increase the credibility of your brand. This in turn can improve your page authority, boosting your search engine rankings, and the cycle continues! 


Can You Stop Investing in SEO Once You Reach the Top?

The simple answer is absolutely not! No matter how successful you become – even if you rank first on Google for all your keywords – you shouldn’t stop optimising your website. For one thing, every other successful business will continue focusing on SEO, at least to some extent. Not to mention the fact that with SEO, nothing is certain. Google in particular releases algorithm updates on a regular basis, which will mean you’ll need to shift your focus. Just because you’re ranking well one week doesn’t mean you’ll be in the same position the next – it’s important not to get complacent.

The thing that may change as your online presence becomes more successful is how much time you spend on SEO. You may not need to invest as much time, or as many resources, into your strategies as you climb the search engine rankings, and your campaigns may become simpler. But overall, you shouldn’t ever stop doing SEO, as you’ll notice a fall in traffic and conversions! 

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