5 Christmas Holiday Marketing Ideas (Part 4)

The digital age has meant that even small local businesses can reach a huge audience online. So your marketing efforts can make a big difference to your revenue and overall ROI.
Christmas holiday marketing

Christmas Holiday Marketing Tactics 

The digital age has meant that even small local businesses can reach a huge audience online. So your marketing efforts can make a big difference to your revenue and overall ROI. This is doubly true over the festive season – you need to ensure that your brand not only stands out, but makes a positive impression! We’ve outlined five great marketing tactics below, to help keep the momentum going!

1. Christmas Tree Competition

People often have very strong opinions about Christmas trees. Is tinsel tacky? Should you use ribbon or beads? Does it need to be colour coordinated, or is sentimentality key? Are candles too much of a fire hazard? All these questions and more will be considered each year as people decorate their tree. It’s a ritual that’s important to many, and the tree is often a source of pride.

So why not take the opportunity to showcase the best ones, asking your audience to send in photos of their Christmas tree, and offer a prize to the best one! You may wish to judge the competition internally, or perhaps get others to vote for their favourite tree. Either way, it’s a great way to engage with your following, and start to build a hype around your brand.

Christmas tree competition
2. Live Stock Figures

In order to create a sense of urgency, it’s a good idea to include a live stock count on your website. If people think that there’s a chance that something will run out, they’ll add it to their basket as fast as possible! Live stock figures are also a great way of being transparent with website users, giving them up to date information. 

Of course it’s also essential to keep your most popular products well stocked. Around Christmas, the best selling merchandise moves quickly, so you have to be certain it won’t run out! The best holiday marketing campaign in the world wouldn’t be able to solve the issue of selling out of something. And it would be pretty embarrassing to have to contact your customers to let them know that they’re due a refund because you don’t have enough stock.

3. Deliver Offers Via Push Notifications

You may already use push notifications on your website, so you know how effective they are in getting a customer’s attention! And if you don’t use such notifications, Christmas is a great time to install them on your website. Of course it’s important not to overload your customers with a barrage of notifications – try and use them sparingly!

Push notifications can open up a direct line of communication with your audience – you can tell them exactly what you want to, at any point in the customer journey. So if you have a limited time offer, it’s easy to get the word out. 

charity drive

4. Local Charity Drives 

Emotion plays a big part in a lot of seasonal marketing. It’s generally considered to be the time of year to express love towards your nearest and dearest, and let’s face it, we often get a bit sappy. Many brands try to use emotion in their seasonal marketing campaigns, making them feel personal and appealing to the audience’s sentimentality. The John Lewis Christmas adverts are a prime example of this.

Charities also pull on our heartstrings during the festive season, doing their best to increase their fundraising. And many businesses get into the spirit of giving, teaming up with a charity over Christmas. This could be a national charity, or perhaps a local one – with the latter, you may feel more of a sense of community, though it may be easier to find a national charity whose values align with your own. 

There are plenty of ways you can give to a charity over the holidays, from food drives to donating a percentage of your sales to the cause. Try not to focus too much on your business with such ventures though – while the marketing will probably include your branding, ensure the main focus is the charity itself.

5. Be Strategic About Impulse Buys

We all know the strategy of putting the chocolate and sweets by the tills in a supermarket, to encourage people to pick them up at the last minute. Lots of shops put small impulse buys right next to the counter, and it’s a technique that really works! So have you considered employing the same strategy for your online store? 

It’s a good idea to place things like gift sets and small stocking filler presents somewhere on your site where it’s easy for a customer to add them to their basket towards the end of a sale. For instance, Amazon has a ‘Frequently bought together’ section, as well as ‘You might also like’ and ‘Customers who viewed this item also viewed’. If you were selling a watercolour set, you may suggest a paint palette, or a set of paintbrushes. The idea is to increase the average cart spend of your shoppers.