5 Christmas Holiday Marketing Ideas (Part 3)

No matter what size your business is, or what products or services you offer, the festive season will almost certainly impact your sales figures.
holiday marketing tips

Holiday Marketing 

No matter what size your business is, or what products or services you offer, the festive season will almost certainly impact your sales figures. There always seems to be a need to make this Christmas bigger and better than the last, which tends to mean more spending. As a business, the trick is to stand out from the competition, encouraging shoppers to purchase your products and not get gifts elsewhere. 

So how do you go about doing this? There are plenty of marketing strategies you can use to engage with your audience during the holidays, and we’ve explored a few below. You don’t have to use every strategy out there (and they may not all be suitable for your target demographic) but it’s a good idea to see which ideas work, and then keep improving on them year after year!

1. Write Letters to Santa

User generated content is not only popular amongst audiences, it can also save you work! A fun way of engaging with your audience is to invite them to write letters to Santa, asking for specific gifts. Ask your followers to vote for their favourite letter, or simply choose the funniest one, and present the winner with one of the items listed in their letter. 

If you’re not a retail business, the prize doesn’t have to be an item you stock, though that does make sourcing it easier! If possible, try to keep the gift on brand, though obviously you can’t control what people request in their letters to Santa. And don’t worry if you don’t have a younger target audience – this marketing tactic works on adults too! 

letters to Santa
2. Holiday Puzzles

Christmas themed word puzzles. Festive quizzes. Crosswords with seasonal clues. There are endless possibilities when it comes to holiday puzzles, and they’re a fantastic way to reach a wider audience. According to Ion Interactive, interactive content such as calculators and quizzes are able to generate conversions around 70% of the time, while passive content has a 36% chance of conversion. It’s clear that quizzes in particular are popular – you can find them everywhere!

Another way to offer interactive content is to create literal puzzles, using online software. Perhaps make a virtual jigsaw of your Christmas themed logo, or a staff member’s pet dressed in a festive outfit. You could even set a time limit, and offer discounts and prizes to anyone who completes the puzzle in time. And if there are daily puzzles, it will encourage people to come back and keep trying to win a prize.

3. Holiday Themed Videos

With any holiday themed content, the ideas are limitless. This is true of video, just as much as written copy. There are all sorts of Christmas videos you can create, from cooking tips to ways to decorate a home. Something you may wish to give some consideration to though is the length of your videos. If you intend to share them on certain social media platforms, there are time limitations to think about. Instagram videos can only be 60 seconds long, while the limit for Twitter is 140 seconds, and TikTok allows videos of up to 180 seconds. 

To keep your videos on brand, why not find your most awkwardly shaped gift items, and then post video tutorials on how to wrap them. Just make sure that you promote your video content as much as possible, so that it’s worth the effort! This could be on your website, your social media accounts, or in email newsletters.

opinion polls

4. Opinion Polls 

Just like puzzles, opinion polls can be an amusing way to engage with your audience. Try to create holiday themed polls, such as people’s favourite Christmas song, or if turkey, ham, or nut roast should be served for dinner. Where possible, make your polls relate to your brand too. For instance, a travel agency could ask whether people prefer to have a sunny or snowy Christmas, or where their ideal winter holiday would be.

As opinion polls are so easy to make, you can create a wide range, and then tailor them to different segments of your audience. Experiment with more quirky or serious polls, and see which ones get the most participation.

5. Email Marketing Campaign

Not everyone undertakes email marketing campaigns – but they should! We’ve explored the advantages of email newsletters before, and if you’re new to such campaigns, Christmas is the perfect time to start sending. You can create a focused campaign which highlights specific offers or products. Emails are also an easy way to let customers know about things like your seasonal opening hours. 

You can additionally get creative with your email subject lines at this time of year – perhaps try out a few holiday puns! It’s always important to put a lot of thought into subject lines, as these are what will convince people to open the email. But the competition gets more fierce around Christmas, as businesses of all shapes and sizes will be increasing their marketing efforts. So be specific about any offers and deals you have, and try to match the tone of your intended audience.