5 Christmas Holiday Marketing Ideas (Part 2)

December is usually the busiest month of the year for retail businesses. But there is also a lot of competition.
festive holiday marketing

Festive Holiday Marketing Techniques

December is usually the busiest month of the year for retail businesses. But there is also a lot of competition. You need to stand out from the crowd when it comes to your sales pitch, and what better way to do that than a few creative marketing strategies? There are a huge range of strategies you can try, and we’ve explored some of the best ones below!

1. Coupons and Discount Codes

Most companies, especially those working in commerce, can expect to see their sales increase over the holiday season. But by how much? One of the best strategies to boost your sales is through discount codes and coupons. People love discounts, and according to Blippr, online shoppers with discount codes spend 24% more than those without codes.  

An easy way to encourage shoppers to spend more is to include a minimum spend amount on your discount codes, such as ‘20% off when you spend over £30’. Offering free shipping if a customer spends over a certain amount is also a good idea. In general, people don’t like to pay for shipping, and would rather spend a little more if it means free delivery!

Another popular strategy when it comes to discounts is to offer a deal when a new customer signs up to your newsletters, whether it’s money off their next order, or a free gift. There are no strict rules on how to offer coupons though – see what works best for you. 

coupons and discount codes
2. Use Seasonal Keywords

One of the foundations of any good marketing strategy is PPC. This can be a significant revenue stream for a lot of businesses, especially if they haven’t yet perfected their SEO strategy. But if you don’t adjust your keywords and bids over the holiday season, you’re sure to fall behind. 

Certain keywords and phrases peak just before Christmas – most of these you’ll probably be able to guess. Things like ‘DIY Christmas decorations’ and ‘buy Christmas presents’ are bound to be more popular in late November than early January.

All this means that you need to make sure you’re advertising with holiday themed keywords, but preferably just before the cost skyrockets. Bear in mind that a lot of people start buying gifts a few months early, so you should still reach your intended audience even if you’re advertising in October. A good PPC campaign does rely on solid strategy and rigorous testing though, so don’t start advertising until you’re confident it will have a good ROI.

3. Create Gift Guides

Years ago, the big retailers would all provide printed catalogues, filled with gift ideas, for you to peruse before Christmas. And while some of these brands still produce such catalogues, most of us solely look online for present inspiration. So why not create a digital gift guide – it’s a great way to showcase some of your most popular products, without the hassle of printing!

You can also make more personalised guides, like ‘gifts for mum’, ‘gifts for dad’, or even ‘gifts for colleagues’. And if you are able to segment your newsletter mailing list, you should be able to tailor different newsletters to separate audiences, offering gift guides that would appeal to them.

seasonal decor

4. Personality Quiz 

Creating any kind of seasonal quiz can be a fun way to engage your audience, but one type of quiz that seems to really speak to people is the personality quiz. There are a number of reasons hypothesised as to why we love personality quizzes, but the main one seems to be that we enjoy categorising ourselves, and then finding like minded people.

Making a seasonal personality quiz doesn’t have to be complicated – most can easily be tailored. For example, ‘which character are you’ quizzes can be adapted to align with holiday characters and films. Another popular personality test option is ‘which Christmas guest are you’, with the results ranging from ‘unhappy uncle’ to ‘marvellous mum’.

5. Holiday Decor

When we think about seasonal marketing, it’s easy to forget that your storefront can play a big part in this. Making your website look festive is important, but so is decorating your store. Don’t feel you have to go mad, but a little bit of seasonal cheer certainly wouldn’t go amiss! How much you decorate will generally depend on your budget, but you should also think about what style would appeal to your target market. 

Even if you’re not a public facing business, it’s still good to decorate your offices. This should not only help your staff get into the festive spirit, it will also mean that if you’re posting photos of your workplace online (like on social media) the atmosphere won’t look too sombre! You could even make a production of it – create blog posts or videos of the decorations going up, and maybe have a few tutorials on how to make similar decorations.