5 Christmas Holiday Marketing Ideas (Part 1)

By the time December comes around, there's a good chance that most of us will have already been oversaturated with holiday cheer.
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Holiday Marketing Ideas 

By the time December comes around, there’s a good chance that most of us will have already been oversaturated with holiday cheer. The run up to Christmas seems to start as soon as Halloween ends, so you’ve probably already been thinking about your festive marketing campaign for this holiday season. But just in case you’re short on ideas, we’ve explored 25 marketing strategies, over the course of 5 blog posts, to help you make the most of your Christmas campaign! So let’s get started with our first 5 marketing ideas…

1. Christmas Countdown

Advent calendars are a staple of Christmas, and not just for kids! Who doesn’t love receiving a tiny present each day, from chocolate to a selection of gin… So try creating an advent calendar for your customers, offering them a different deal each day, or the chance to win a prize. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial – perhaps exclusive video content or a fun quiz. The idea is to engage your audience. And if it’s a daily thing, your brand should make a lasting impression.

Creating some form of Christmas countdown is also a great way to get people to sign up to your mailing list. In order to enter the draw, you can ask people to provide their contact information, and offer a newsletter opt-in. Though you will have to ensure that the prizes are exciting enough to appeal to your audience, and preferably relate in some way to your business. The contest also has to be easy to share, and have a fun and engaging format. 

Christmas countdown
2. Daily Quizzes

Another thing you can offer your customers on a daily basis is quizzes. People love a good quiz, which is evidenced by the fact that you can find a quiz centred around just about any theme, across a huge range of platforms, from Twitter to Pinterest. And you probably won’t be surprised to learn that the average quiz is shared almost 2,000 times

When it comes to creating daily quizzes, there are plenty of festive topics to choose from. Test people on their knowledge of Christmas song lyrics, or lines from holiday movies. Give your audience the results on how they should decorate their tree this year, or what presents to get for their colleagues. And if you’re able to blend together your brand and the holiday spirit in the form of a quiz, that’s the ultimate goal!   

3. Holiday Themed Guides

In general, content marketing should be about adding value – you want to produce copy that educates, engages or entertains. As a rule, around 80% of your content should be useful to your audience, with the remaining 20% focused on promoting your brand, products and services. But throughout the winter festivities, don’t worry about leaning slightly more towards brand promotion, while keeping the content light. 

That’s not to say that your holiday copy can’t add value – you simply need to get a little creative! And don’t worry if the topics aren’t related to your business. Writing an article, or creating an infographic, about decorating a Christmas tree worthy of Instagram is bound to appeal to your audience, even if you don’t sell trees or decorations. 

There are so many topics you can choose from, when it comes to creating Christmas guides, that you’re bound to find a link to your products. A shoe seller could come up with ideas to decorate a stocking, and then speculate about the size of the shoe needed to fit it. Any business selling food might come up with creative holiday recipes with a twist. The possibilities are endless!

holiday branding

4. Holiday Branding 

Around Christmas, a lot of companies mix up their branding, to make it look more festive. This is a simple, and usually inexpensive way to get into the holiday spirit! You could simply adjust your logo, perhaps adding a Santa hat, or reindeer antlers to the image. Or maybe deck out your whole website, giving it a seasonal theme! As long as you don’t make your brand unrecognisable, this can be a fun exercise that will almost certainly appeal to your audience!  

A great example of a company using holiday branding is Starbucks – they famously create different editions of their festive red cups every year. You don’t need to make these sorts of changes if you don’t think it’s worth the investment, though bear in mind that you should be able to reuse the festive branding for several years. At the very least, you should be able to justify online amendments – things like your website, online ads, social media accounts, and email marketing campaigns. 

5. Customise Your Packaging

If you have a branded line of products, something that you can guarantee that every customer will receive, no matter what they order, is your packaging. It should therefore be used to make an impression, any time of the year. What holiday themed packaging can do is create a sense of exclusivity – customers won’t be able to find these products in a few months time. 

Not only this, but seasonal packaging can be incredibly convenient for your customers too. If you offer themed delivery bags or boxes, it may save them the trouble of having to wrap the gift themselves. As with making your website festive though, just remember to keep the packaging on brand! While you may use festive colours that aren’t generally in your brand guidelines, it’s important to ensure things like the imagery and font remain on brand.