6 Sparkling New Year Marketing Ideas

While the run up to Christmas tends to be the most profitable time of year for many companies, the New Year sales are hardly small potatoes.
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New Year Marketing Ideas

While the run up to Christmas tends to be the most profitable time of year for many companies, the New Year sales are hardly small potatoes. A lot of people are still in the spending spirit after the festivities, so why not encourage them to explore the products and services you have on offer?  

Small businesses in particular can use this opportunity to get ahead of the competition, taking advantage of marketing methods and trends to boost their revenue. Even small things like wishing your audience a Happy New Year can help with engagement, which can in turn lead to further sales. 

You should therefore use every tool at your disposal to boost your brand awareness as we enter the new year. We’ve outlined six great marketing strategies below, to help you get started!

1. Use Data and Trends

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘new year, new you’. January is the time of year where many of us will make resolutions, hoping to make changes to improve our lives somehow. This is known as the ‘Fresh Start Effect’ – we set ourselves targets, with specific dates to complete these resolutions by. All of this means that around January, many people will be setting themselves resolutions, and will be searching for specific things alongside this. 

Common resolutions include doing more exercise, dieting, drinking less alcohol and quitting smoking. So if you sell any products that relate to these goals, from fitness equipment to low fat foods, January is the time to shout about them. Tailor your content to focus on trending topics, including relevant keywords with high search volumes. That way, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your website. 

Essentially, you want to be producing content that will be engaging for a wide audience. So talk about things like exercise, eating well and reducing stress, ensuring you’re offering helpful guidance. This could include workout ideas, healthy recipes and meditation tips.

data and trends

2. January Sales and Deals

It’s common for retail businesses to have January sales, but there’s nothing stopping you from offering other types of discount and deals. You don’t need to reduce loads of stock, but could promote multi-buys or discounts for the first 100 or 1,000 customers. 

Flash sales are furthermore a brilliant way to shift stock, like a New Year’s Day sale. If the sale only lasts for a short period of time, there will be a sense of urgency. And if you’re offering a big discount, you’re bound to attract a lot of customers. Amazon’s Prime Day is a great example of this. 

You could even create a gift guide for the New Year, in addition to the traditional Christmas gift guide. This may include products like the ones listed above – sporting equipment and things to help people stick to their resolutions. The guide could also promote items that help people get more organised, setting themselves up for a great year ahead. 


3. Contests and Giveaways

A popular way of increasing engagement is to start offering things for free! And after all the Christmas spending, who can say no to free stuff? Giveaways are often used to gain subscribers and followers too – you simply need to make this a condition of the competition. If someone signs up to your newsletters, or starts following your business on social media, they could have a chance of winning an exciting prize!

There are additionally all sorts of contests you can run, depending on what would appeal the most to your audience. Generally though, these competitions centre around getting the most support from others. For instance, you could run an inspirational quote contest, asking your followers to provide an inspiring quote for the year ahead. The competition would then be judged on which quote has the most likes on social channels.

In general, it’s important to shout about your giveaways and competitions on social media platforms. Social media can be a great way to reach a large audience, especially if you use paid, targeted ads. And with a wider reach, you can expect more sales. You’ll also be building your brand awareness. 



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4. New Year, New Products

People get excited about the new year, and they also love new products. Whether it’s more innovative, cheaper, or simply flashier than other products on the market, a new product can cause quite a buzz. So if you’re able to launch a new product or service in January, make sure you promote it properly!

Of course, not every business will be in a position to offer something brand new. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use this strategy – you simply need to get a bit more creative. Even if it’s just the packaging that’s changed, you can promote a ‘new look’. Or perhaps your business could create a new bundle of products or services, like a gift set or reduced price bulk order. 



5. Email Campaigns

An email campaign may be incredibly easy to implement, but this doesn’t make it any less effective. According to MailChimp, the average email open rate across a range of industries is 21.33%, while the click rate is 2.62%. These may not sound like huge numbers, but are pretty comparable to other marketing methods. With PPC, for example, the average conversion rate is 2.35%. Email campaigns do have the advantage of being much cheaper though. 

The trick with email marketing is to personalise your content. This will not only make you stand out from the crowd, it will also make your customer base feel valued. Not to mention the fact that personalised subject lines are more likely to entice people to open the email. 

If you want to really boost your success rate, you could also consider including some sort of deal in your email. This could be anything from a New Year discount to an exclusive giveaway contest for your subscribers.



new year email campaigns

6. New Year’s Eve Party

When people think about New Year’s Eve, they tend to think of fireworks and parties. So what better way to connect with your most loyal customers than by throwing a party? This doesn’t need to be a huge bash, costing thousands of pounds. You don’t even need to throw a traditional party! Perhaps make it an event where people can try out your latest products. 

No matter what the event entails, you need to make it a memorable experience. The party should be exclusive, and make your customers feel special. This should increase brand loyalty. You could even partner up with another business, to help cover the costs, and to associate your brand with theirs. And as long as you properly promote the event, it’s bound to be a success!